The Level of Direct Combustion Flame Retardant Analyzer

The Level of Direct Combustion Flame Retardant Analyzer

Product Description

Product specification:
Complies with the standards: GB/T2408-1996, GB/T5455-85,
GB/T2408-80, GB/T4609-84.
On the horizontal and vertical direction with small sample placed flaming fire point and then determined the flame burning is
Burn and no flame combustion time and burning length and burning rate.
Instrument main index:
Single-chip microcomputer control, automatic storage and read the test data, automatic timer, and automatic ignition.
Time of fire Bunsen can be choose are 10S, 12S and 30S, accuracy + 0.2 S, events, police remind when withdrew.
Bunsen burner lumen: 9.5mm± 0.3mm
In the Bunsen burner can tilt: Within the 0-4.5degree
Bunsen blue flame height: 15mm-45mm can adjust arbitrarily, equipped with flame height gauge.
The sample holder maximum clamping thickness: ≤ 13mm
The sample holder vertical distance adjustment: ≤ 100mm
The sample holder horizontal distance adjustment: ≤ 70mm
The sample holder can level 90. Away.
The sample holder with textile.
Flammable gas: Methane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas.
long wide high Each group of quantity
Units MM
Horizontal method 125± 5 13.0± 0.3 3.0± 0.2 3(Roots)
Vertical method 125± 5 13.0± 0.3 3.0± 0.2 5(Roots)

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